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What is Website Optimization?

The process of improving a website to help a business achieve its digital goals.


Website optimization is the process of improving a website to help a business achieve its digital goals. Utilizing performance optimization tools, ongoing experimentations, and advanced strategies, businesses are able to increase their website traffic, improve conversions, and grow revenue.


At Rooted Rock Marketing, organic SEO and website optimization go hand-in-hand. After all, what good is increasing your online visibility through SEO if your customers are not converting?

Elements of Website Optimization

Information Architecture

In-depth research and analysis is conducted using current and potential customer data to determine navigation and internal structure to assist the ability of users and search engines to find the most relevant content quickly and easily.

Conversion Optimization

Increases customer retention and conversions by utilizing real-life data regarding target customer personas, funnel abandonment, proper calls-to-actions, tone of voice, content consumption, and other onsite elements.

User Flow Analysis

In-depth analysis using 3rd party tracking tools to determine how customers are moving through the website, where they are entering, where they are leaving, and what engagement points lead to conversions. 


Ongoing experiments that use 3rd party tools to serve customers website variations which are measured for performance. Tested elements may include content, calls-to-action, design features, and more.

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PPC & Website Optimization

With over 12 years in the advertising and optimization industry, the one marketing mistake we see most often is paying for a PPC campaign and not monitoring what is happening once they arrive on the website. If your audience isn't converting, you may as well be throwing money away!   

Engaging in a website optimization campaign in conjunction with PPC efforts provides the greatest opportunity for return on ad spend. Paid traffic user flows are closely monitored allowing insight into what may be stopping conversions. Critical changes are then made to the landing page and across the website based on this real-life performance data ensuring that your paid visitors have the highest likelihood of becoming actual customers.     

Local SEO

Improve brand reputation and increase phone calls and foot traffic for your business

PPC Campaigns

Local search ads, remarketing, RLSA, text ads, display, YouTube, LinkedIn & more!

Organic SEO

Optimize your website to get found by more potential customers and increase your conversions


Understand your audience better through robust tracking & in-depth reporting

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