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Adam McCarthy

SEO Specialist


Adam comes to Rooted Rock with 20 years of marketing experience across a broad spectrum of organizations — from small not-for-profits to publicly-traded, Fortune 500 companies. He brings a diverse background that allows him to approach marketing challenges from many angles, and understand the needs of just about any organization.


Although experienced in everything from brand development to copywriting and design, to advertising and website development, Adam is happiest when he's deep into data analysis. He loves following the data — and is especially excited when it leads him to some unexpected result.


In his spare time, Adam runs Roosevelt Grooming Co., a men's grooming products company specializing in restored vintage straight razors, and handmade shaving and face-care products. Originally from Long Island, he lives with his wife and an opinionated preschooler in the Helderberg Mountains outside of Albany, New York.


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Art Committee

*local co-op


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