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PPC Campaigns & Digital Advertising

Get your brand in front of customers actively seeking the products and services you offer.

What Industries Should Use Digital Advertising?

Nearly any brand can benefit from PPC (pay-per-click) and digital marketing campaigns. The decision should come down to how much you are willing to spend and how quickly you are looking to attract new customers.  

Data-Driven Campaigns, Cost Effective Marketing

Sometimes the fastest way to bring awareness to your website and products is through paid campaigns. Digital advertising has the unique ability to target potential customers through every step of the buying funnel. By mixing and matching a data-driven campaign approach based on customer search behavior and research trends, brands are able to deliver messages that will resonate closely with their audience when it matters most. These campaigns can be even stronger when coupled with an organic SEO program

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Types of Digital Advertising Campaigns

Display Ads

Visual banner ads are shown alongside other website content based on your targeted audience traits (behavioral targeting) or relevant website content related to the topic (contextual targeting).

Video Ads

Often shown on Facebook and YouTube, these ads tend to be shown to users while they are consuming other video and social content.


These "ads" are typically a flat annual fee, are for specific charities, and may only display a logo or link. Sponsorships often help with organic SEO.

Search Ads

Text ads are displayed in Google and Bing when an audience in your targeted location searches for keywords that have been selected based on data-driven research.

Social Media Ads

Ads are displayed to tightly targeted audiences alongside social content on channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Local Search Ads

Ads are shown within Google Maps alongside organic Google Business Profile listings for searches in your physical geographic location.

Native Ads

Ads are designed to look like content on the targeted web page are incorporated as sponsored stories. These ads often do not look like typical digital ads.


Ads are shown to users that have already visited your website, but may not have completed the desired goal. These may be on other websites or within Google.

Shopping Campaigns

Products are displayed in Google based on keyword searches. Details such as price, promotions, and reviews help businesses stand out from the competition.

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PPC Budgets & Optimization

While digital marketing campaigns allow businesses to be very flexible with their budgets, it is important to understand your cost to be competitive within your industry. According to Wordstream, industries such as lawyers may end up paying nearly seven dollars per click or over $100 per acquisition.

To make matters more complicated, over the years Google has changed how tightly you can target searcher's keywords and often results in wasted budget on irrelevant words if you are not regularly monitoring and making updates in the campaigns. 

At Rooted Rock Marketing, we believe that your paid campaigns are only successful if they are monitored daily and consistently optimized. This not only maximizes your daily budget but also improves your return on ad spend (ROI).


PPC Optimization Includes:

  • Watching how Google is matching your ads to the keywords

  • Continuously A/B testing ad copy

  • Monitoring and optimizing for high performing geographies and time of day

  • Adjusting keyword budgets based on performance, conversions, and seasonality

  • Maximizing ad visibility through ad extensions

  • Establishing Google Analytics tracking features to monitor landing page engagement and conversions.

  • Utilizing 3rd party tools for ongoing keyword research and customer trends

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Local SEO

Improve brand reputation and increase phone calls and foot traffic for your business

Organic SEO

Optimize your website to get found by more potential customers and increase your conversions


Understand your audience better through robust tracking & in-depth reporting

PPC Campaigns

Local search ads, remarketing, RLSA, text ads, display, YouTube, LinkedIn & more!

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Improve your current site, or start fresh. Site structure, authority, content planning, and much more.

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